Essex County Soccer League

ECSL Divisional Chart


Boys & GirlsU8U9 & U10U11 & U12U13 & U14U15 +
Coaching RequirementsFUN + MED + RiSL2Train + MED + RiSL2Train + MED + RiSS4L + MED + RiSS4L + MED + RiS
Playing Format4v4 (no GK) 5v5 (with GK)7v7 (with GK)9v9 (with GK)11v1111v11
# Players (min)35677
Game Day RosterMax 10 (5v5)Ideal 9 / Max 12Ideal 12 / Max 161818
Game Length2 x 20 min2x25 min2x35 min2x40 min2x45 min
Ball Size3 or 44455
Field Size (LxW)30-36 x 25-30 m40-55 x 30-36 m60-75 x 42-55 mFull SizeFull Size
Goal Size5x8 ft6x16 ft6x18 ft8x24 ft8x24 ft
Match OfficialGame Leader/ RefereeRefereeRefereeRefereeReferee
Assistant Match OfficialNoNoNoYesYes
SubstitutionsUnlimited (on the fly)Unlimited (any stoppage)Unlimited (any stoppage)UnlimitedUnlimited
Playing TimeFair time in all positionsFair time in all positionsFair time in all positionsCoaches’ discretionCoaches’ discretion
Pass-In (Indirect)YesYesNoNoNo
Distance From Kicker5 yards8 yardsN/AN/AN/A
Throw-InNo (pass in/dribble in)No (pass in/dribble in)YesYesYes
Goal Kick/Retreat LineYes (1/2 way)
(Note 1)
Yes(1/3 rd)
(Note 1)
Yes(1/3 rd)
(Note 1)
Corner KickNo (Goal Kick) (Note 2)YesYesYesYes
FoulsDirectIndirect and directIndirect and directIndirect and directIndirect and direct
Penalty Kick5 yards8 yards8 yards12 yards12 yards
PlayoffsNoNoNoNo overtime (PKs)Yes
U8 to U12 - Scores and Standings are neither kept nor reported

Note 1 - Opposing players can cross the RL when the ball is played by another player. Keepers may play the ball quickly if desired (without waiting for opposing players to retreat)

Note 2 - No corner kicks in the U8 division. A goal kick or dribble in is awarded if the ball crosses the goal line regardless of who touches the ball last. Scores and standings are not kept nor reported in the U8 to U12 grassroots divisions.