Essex County Soccer League

Game Reporting

Grassroots Game Reporting

ALL U8-U12 games are to be reported as 0-0 scores. Game Officials have been instructed to NOT record scores/goal scorers on the game sheets. Regardless of what the score was or what was recorded on the game sheets, you MUST record 0-0 scores (and any discipline) on the site.

Game reports are also needed to indicate whether or not the game was completed and to report any discipline.

The site asks to select a player for the shutout. You can select whoever you like as this is irrelevant for these age divisions. If you like you can add a player with the name, "Not Applicable", to your team list and use that player for shutouts.

ALL game results must be reported even if the game was not started due to weather or other reasons. In this case you must indicate that the game was not completed.

You have until midnight of of the second day after the game to enter the report. Late game reports will be subject to a fine as per the league rules and regulations (see section 9.18).