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Section 10.2 from League Rules and Regulations:

10.2 U-8. U9 , U-10, U11 and U12 grassroots are designated as Player Development Divisions with the following special rules:

10.2.1 All games will be recorded as 0:0. Referees are not to record or keep scores.

10.2.2 Each player is required to play a minimum 50% of the game time. The ECSL may hold two fun days each year – One in early May and the other to end the season in late August.

10.2.3 The U-8 through U-12 division rules will be monitored closely each year and will be subject to change based on the long-term player development criteria established by the O.S.A.

10.2.4 U8 through U10 Clubs which have a team(s) which has been scheduled to participate in any Festival (including any inter district Festival) and subsequently withdraw from a subject matter Festival less than fourteen days (14 days) from the start of said Festival shall be subject to the following fines which shall be paid prior to the subject matter teams be allowed to participate in a subsequent Festival:

i) $100.00 per team withdrawn – 1st withdrawal by Club
ii) $200.00 per team withdrawn – 2nd withdrawal by Club
iii) $300.00 per team withdrawn – 3rd withdrawal by Club
iv) 4th withdrawal of any team by Club – Removal of Club from all future Festival schedules