Essex County Soccer League

WFCU Cup Documents

WFCU ECSL Cup Check-in Protocol

Only players that are listed on the ECSA validated SportsEngine team roster will be eligible to play in the tournament.

Players can only play for one team in the tournament.

Coaches must bring the team's player registration books to the tournament. 

Bring three copies of your tournament game sheets to every tournament game except the first game.
You must give one copy of your first game game sheet to tournament officials at the fieldhouse before your first game.
You must also give the the referee three copies at the field prior to each game.
Please bring extra copies of your game sheets for potential playoff games in case there is no time to print them. You can manually edit them as required.


Carry-over suspensions from the previous season do NOT apply to the WFCU ECSL Cup.

The League Cup is usually a TWO-DAY tournament.

To view the tournament schedule, go to Games / Schedule and select your Cup division. Playoff games will NOT show up in your team schedule until teams are assigned to games.