Essex County Soccer League

Festival Rules

Below is the link to a chart that will display the rules to the divisions including all the Festival Divisions (U8-U12) for the E.C.S.L.  Please look at it closely and follow these rules accordingly.

ECSL – Quick Reference Rules – U8

ECSL – Quick Reference Rules – U9 & U10

ECSL – Quick Reference Rules – U11 & U12

Retreat Line: Rule

The retreat line should already be marked on the field of play, if not then please use 1/3 of the half as the retreat line;

The ball is in play once it leaves the penalty area (7v7/9v9)

All opponents must be behind the retreat line and cannot cross the retreat line until the ball:

Is touched by a player of the team taking the goal kick
Leaves the field of play
Goes over the retreat line. (If the goalkeeper chooses to play the ball across the retreat line prior to the opposition crossing the retreat line)

Game Notes & Referee Fees

Field Maps

Referees: Ref Centre (E2E)

At the conclusion of all your games it is required that you finalize the games on E2E.  You can do this either at the end of each game using your phone or you can wait until the conclusion of all your games and do this when you get home.  The finalizing of these games is mandatory and if it’s not completed within 3-days of the games, Ref Centre (E2E) could suspend your account and you will not be able to receive any more games until the games are finalized.

All scores in these games are a 0-0 result regardless of what actually happens during the course of the game.  Please indicate a score of 0-0 on the game sheet as well as Ref Centre.

Game Sheets/Game Fees/Scores

1) Each team (Home/Away) must supply the Referee with 1-game sheet for each game - DO NOT start a game without receiving a game sheet from either of the teams.  No Game Sheet = No Game

2) The game sheet will be held by the Referee until the conclusion of either each game or at the conclusion of all your games

3) Game sheets will then be submitted to the Host Club at the club house or tent

4) Game Fees will be paid to the Referee by the Club once all the game sheets have been submitted to the club house or club tent

The onus is on each Referee to ensure you are following the rules as stipulated above, if you submit your game sheets & fail to receive payment or the payment is not accurate and you have left the park, then it will be your loss.  There will always be a representative at the club house/tent until the completion of the tournament.  If you go there and someone isn’t there, please be patient as they will return.  The Teams DO NOT pay the game fees.

Attached to this email you will find information about the NEW 4Up1Up rule being implemented by the E.C.S.L. – This is optional by both teams so if a team chooses not to follow it then you cannot force it upon them.  This program is for all age groups U8-U12, both boys and girls.

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Weekend Festival Dates: