Essex County Soccer League

ECSL Game Notes & Referee Fees

Updated February , 2023


  1. Home team is responsible for providing 2 game balls and 4 corner flags.
  2. Referee and Travel Fees and Three Game Sheets must be submitted BEFORE the game kickoff time.
  3. The AWAY team must use alternate colours if necessary.
  4. The score stands if at least TWO THIRDS of the SECOND HALF is played.

WFCU Cup Game Fees

U13 - U18$30/$25/$252 x 25 min
  1. All referee fees are split 50/50 for all games.
  2. Score stands if at least HALF of the GAME is played.
  3. There will be no OT in playoff rounds, straight to PK's.

Grassroots Festival Game Fees

U8 - 5 v 5Game Leaders/$252 x 20 min
U9 - U10 - 7 v 7$302 x 25 min
U11 - U12 - 9 v 9$302 x 25 min
  1. All referee fees are split 50 /50 for all games.
  2. If referees are used for U8 games, the fee is $20 per game.
  3. There are no travel fees for festival games.

Regular Season/ Cup/ Playoff Game Fees

U11 - U12$40 (50/50 split)2 x 35 min
U13$50/$35/$352 x 40 min
U14$55/$40/$402 x 40 min
U15$55/$40/$402 x 45 min
U16$60/$45/$452 x 45 min
U17 - U18$65/$50/$502 x 45 min
SM- Div 1/ SW$80/$55/$552 x 45 min
SM - PR$80/$55/$552 x 45 min
  1. Regular Season: Home team pays 100% of all fees (except U11 - U12)
  2. Lomas/Colette Cup and Playoffs: Fees are split 50/50 between teams (HOME team pays travel fees)
  3. For blended divisions, the higher division fees apply to all games
Travel fees PER OFFICIAL (paid 100% by HOME team):
100% of travel fees are paid even if game is called off prior to start
$10 fee
$20 fee